Monday, October 2, 2017

September Market Purchases

Been some time since attending markets it was Sue who was after some plants had us go out to Fernvale early September.

I spotted a nice sweet little Stanely No75 Bullnose Plane and a No4 for friend Chris in Sydney.

 Just this weekend ok so its 1st October.

I picked up three neat little items.
Two Surform body rasps one a little block plane type the other an convex shape. The latter when an apprentice would have set me back almost 3 weeks wages in the 70's. Nice foldaway Japanese saw, this isn't a fine blade t may even have been originally a pruning saw ....not now its not.
The two body files only required a light wipe over with the wooden handles a coat of Shellac to smarten them up. The saw a good scrub to remove rust on the blade and the timber handle sanded and then coat of Shellac.

Sue picked up an old whale on handled steel and seven alloy scoops.

Oh the plants they'll all come in another post, we've only just got rain first in four months.

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