Monday, October 30, 2017

Special Order Ferrule & Handle

Good friend Alan got in touch after his return from the UK regarding a tool problem to see if I could make a Brass Ferrule and turn a handle to suit. Couldn't really say no could I? after all he had played courier of pen blanks to another pen turner in Yorkshire (above). Of course he did bring some nice blanks from Ian back for me also (right).

Onto the matter of brass fittings.
Seems Alan had purchased a Fret Saw which is not cheap all but the ferrule and handle that is. It is/was poorly fitted and a much needed replacement required. One is available from as low as $85 not cheap?

A design by Alan for both handle and ferrule came into my inbox, I had the material on hand and so it began. The arrival of Alan's choice of timber, Sheoak. It turned to specs sanded to 400 and Macadamia oil to seal it.

Left is the original cheap fitted handle and ferrule.

Right Alan's drawing for his handle.

After drilling the bore to size I machined the handle end to size, it needs to be a press fit. It may require a securing screw latter on.
Reversing the brass to machining the required frame slot was done using the Myford vertical milling attachment setting the cutter to centre. This takes the longest using the tool I have, a better milling cutter is required although it proved to do the job. I put a chamfer on all edges and shaped the shoulder.

Today Alan received the parcel containing the parts and emailed these photos of his fitting them all together.

Thanks Alan for the challenge, it was nice to work in both metal and wood.

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