Saturday, October 7, 2017

Toowomba Lost Trades Fare

The day began overcast with light drizzle and continued much the same throughout the day. It didn't deter a trip to Toowoomba Lost Trades Fare at Cobb & Co Museum. Some familiar faces and some not seen before the people who shared their trades and keeping them alive.
I/we didn't photograph them all, crowds who stood 3 deep at times like at the Wheelright or Cricket Bat making displays preventing any. Or like the Milliner who brazenly had a sign forbidding any nature of media recording or photograph, not sure if she's in hiding or just so protective of her trade a loss to her really as her display of finished products were something to behold.

Familiar Face Steve from Woodworking Masterclass. Helen Stumphcat Felting. Colen Clenton H.N.T Gordon.

 Toowoomba Spinners.
 Toowoomba Lace Makers

Not a bad turn out for first one the crowds braved the elements enjoying the city garden show as well I am sure.

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