Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

 Well its the busy season when everyone panics I love Christmas, present to make or buy weeks to go counting down the days. I borrowed Mark's (our eldest son) compressor 4 weeks ago but weather and time just wasn't going to allow me to get it done. Then a break in strange weather last Thursday we and I mean Sue and I were able to work as a team and get it done. Over the year I have slowly got work to a stage of need to apply a finish my choice was using Timberlac a spray on finish used for floors and furniture. My choice is Satin the gloss looks to plastic.

Imperfecta Gracious

To many excuses to list all valid I assure you, but at last they are done.

Thanks goes to Bowl Basher (Graeme Sugar from the woodwork forum) for a beautiful piece of Camphor he gave me earlier this year of which I produced the bowl and platter from one piece. There was no way I was going to waste the colour or size of this bit of wood. The crack on the platter never once looked like it was going to give way even though I epoxied it and used gaffer tape around the outer edge using Cole jaws to turn it.

The Jarrah square bowl a piece which was out of the collective buy from Marginenta (Perth Wood School). I just had an idea and went with it, little did I know Peter (Ozartizan woodwork forum) from Artisan Retreat had a similar idea with slight differences. Sadly on my last cut on the underside 3 legs went AWOL . Glued back together

The underside and profile plus gluing.

The Trivet plain simple NSW Rosewood from Mal's Boutique Timbers

The lidded finial Box QLD Beech thanks to Noel (Outbacker woodwork forum) had a touch of spalting with Western Red Cedar boards which were destined for firewood and unknown wood for the finial which has a captive ring. Ornamental Turning via Peter Harding's Rose Engine which was bequeathed to the OTGA Llandilo Group, in memory of Peter Harding.

The Lidded box was done in stages first the Qld Beach turned and parted into three. The Red Cedar boards cut to size and the rings turned to fit to the lid, the boards had been but joined when I got them.

 1st Photo the lid section, 2nd photo the base, 3rd the base, side and lid prior OT and gluing. Apology for the deterioration of photos my little Canon A430 had a stroke and died. Long live film, my trusty Canon EOS 100 after 20+ years is still going strong a new battery and film and ok processing.

Sorry no photos of during the Ornamental Turning process. Internal base pattern cut slightly below centre and through to expose the QLD Beech in the base.

The underside of the lid done using Peter's Rose Engine in bump mode starting with the outer diameter as I progressed in you can see the shape change on the QLD Beech. The Cedar pattern was an after thought and just a slight cut in then on the chuck to round it off on the lathe.

The low vase or lolly bowl also Camphor was from some I had collected when I first got into turning so full of imperfections and colour. I filled the major crack with shaving and brass fillings using epoxy just enough to allow a golden colour and light to still pass through. This is one vessel yet all the colours.

All together.

Sorry for the long post but lots to show and instead of individual I decided this way. 

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  1. G'Day you old Bugger
    It looks like that bit of camphor went to the rite home that is one nice bowl and platter...
    We are well Jenn got a good report from her cardio 2 weeks ago. I am not a member of west Sydney woodturners any more and am not turning much except for my commitments to a couple of gallerys .. give our love to Sue and we must get together for a coffee in the near future all the best


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