Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Sons Request

Mark asked for a Fountain pen to go with his New Guinea Rosewood Sierra and Workshop pencil. I found the Baroness set of Fountain Pen and Roller Ball from 043Turning looked good. I purchased 6 of each. These are some of those already finished. Along with a few more workshop pencils.

 New Guinea Rosewood on Gold Plated Baroness, the background is the menu off the SS Orion on which Dad, mum and I emigrated to Australia on.

Buckeye Burl on Gold plated Baroness and Workshop pencil. This lovely wood was given to me by a good friend Pat just some of the many small off cuts he has passed my way.

 Queensland Walnut Baroness Fountain pen and Workshop Pencil
  Spalted Macadamia Baroness Roller Ball and Fountain pen this is a stunning colour. I made Sue a Workshop pencil some time ago.

More to come.

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