Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One for Me

Today is the 20th December I spotted the other day when I had made a post that the date above is a day behind. Obviously USA time not Australian date and time ah well.  Ok I have reset the time and date lets hope thats fixed it.

Just a few more pens, this time Sierra Flat Tops from 043Turning which I bought at the Sydney Woodshow in June.

 This ones for myself a Sierra Flat Top Gun Metal and Gold  with unkown Burl.

The burl was very open and soft wood almost like paper bark. I had to stabilise it using CA. Left a little natural feel with some of the voids.

This lovely wood is Osage Orange given to me by a friend from Wallan in Victoria. Alan from Wallan in fact.  Sierra Flat Top  & Workshop Pencil.

Another Queensland Walnut pen.

Edited Wednesday 21st Dec well the date fix didn't work so it must be a Blog thing, will look into that further.

I also missed photographing a couple of pen and pencil combinations . This is either Tassie Blackwood or Black Heart Sassafras.

This is Native Olive from another friend Nick again Pen and Pencil.

Edited Wednesday 21st 10.41hrs I have gone into setting and re-set the time date situation hope this works now.

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