Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fairfield Spinners Weavers & Dyers Guild 35th Anniversary Year

How remiss of me never to mention the lovely ladies of the Fairfield Hand Spinners Weavers & Dyers Guild 35th Anniversary Year or have even put a link to their web site (fixed as of today). Also a link to past works.

Sue has been a member now for some years, held a number of positions as have many of the ladies. Sadly the group is now quite small in comparison to the 70's and 80's just 15 ladies. This does not deter them at all, an active out going bunch. They display at various Sydney locations on open days at Linnwood House  at Marter Dai at Camden and at Collingwood House Liverpool .

They have even been filmed at Gledswood Winery by a Japanese documentary team, where they performed a Back To Back Challenge. A sheep was shorn on the day, they carded and spun the fibre and then knitted a jumper which they then returned to the original owner.

I have known this group since its inception, I was their first Coach driver when they first started out 35 years ago I was with Punchbowl Coaches. Then a few years latter, with Silverline Coaches I became their regular day outing Coach driver. The ladies often asked if my wife would like to join them but with 3 children under 5 it was a bit hard. Joan Fisher is the founder and in her 90's now living at Narrabeen still visits to Canley Vale. She is one amazing woman and her books tell the tale.

This coming year 2012 in August they will be celebrating their 35th year. Why not come along ?? A date is yet to be fixed and I/we will put that up as soon as possible.

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