Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3 Tier Platters Hardware Fit

It has taken sometime to get to this stage of the Resquest, Platters That Matter  , 2nd Album, TrayologyTwisting , Dry Fit. Since making the Barely Twists I had lots of sanding to do of the flutes its a slow process and causes similar to writters cramp.
With daylight saving ending, time in the workshop became shorter. Easter break, ANZAC Day  then a  virus slowing down progress as well as a few rainy days.
So once I was able I knuckled down, I bought some 6mm Connector bolts and Thread Inserts (these were purchased at Bunnings Hardware not McJings I can't locate a link to Bunnings products). Holes were drilled, inserts fitted, connector bolts cut to suite and fitted, some epoxy for good measure and this morning another test fit of the components prior final clean up sanding and finish.

I have some extra pieces yet to make so that the platters can be used individually, I will show these when all completed as they will be I hope a surprise for Lor and Wayne.


 Three Tier assembled, platters size 18"/460mm, 14"/355mm, 10"/250mm columns aprox 6"/150mm high.

 The commponents broken down top platter is free to have a whole cake placed on it, with a mounting glued under side. Centre and lower columns have 2x6mm bolts fitted to either end. Centre platter is a hole only which the bolt screws through, it connects via the flange at the top of the lower column. The lower column has a flange which is removable so it can be used as a Two Tier stand also either with the 10" or 14" as the top platter.

10" platter mounting flange

Set up as a Two Tier.

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