Sunday, May 20, 2012

When Knights were bold

Thanks goes to Bill Swindial for reminding us that the Blacktown Medieval Fayre was on this weekend. A beautiful day with sunshine and lots of happy people about enjoying a FREE entry and discovery day. The effort that the medieval recreators go to is incridible cloths, food, armour, life styles. Worth a visit for anyone. There is the re--enactment battles, jousting and sword battle, minstrals.

Love the clothes and fact they were card weaving. There was a basket of fibre and a drop spindle, Sue spent quite a while talking with the pair.

I nipped down to Cumberland Woodworkers stand and got Bill Swindial to make up a new drop spindle for the lady. She was very impressed.

 All suited up for the joust.
Flax and drop spindle with whorle of stone.

 A Knights glove and helmet.

Pole Lathe he was using a fresh cut pine log to make a goblet, blacksmith fashioned tooling.

 A loom weaver creating a floor blanket. The loom is competley portable and breaks down without damage of the weave and just as quick to assemble. The white stone weights are used to tension the weave.

Right - Hot meal for a cold Knight beef stew.

 A mighty worrier.
Some Blacksmithing

A beautiful small Harp well played.

The Roman style


Bill Swindial carving.

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