Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Outing

Our daughter Belinda & son in law John decided a day out for Sue for mothers day was in order so Saturday was chosen and what a beautiful day it turned out to be. Picnic lunch at Rouse Hill Regional Park and then a visit and tour of the old Homestead after. To see some of the amazing furniture and living standards of the periods spanning the Rouse and Terry families preserved as it is, not restored or made to look as part of a modern view. Windows and shutters are kept closed, lighting is as it was when installed updated last prior the last decendants parting.

"A Brief History

Richard Rouse (1774-1852) appears to have begun building at Rouse Hill in 1813 although the grant of 450 acres was not made until October 1816. Sometime between 1818 and 1825 Rouse, his wife Elizabeth (1772-1849) and their family moved from Parramatta to the new house. The son of an Oxfordshire cabinet maker and shop-keeper, Rouse came to the colony, free, in 1801. Prospering quickly, by 1805 he was Superintendent of Public Works and Convicts at Parramatta. In this role he supervised the building of Governor and Mrs Macquarie's additions to Government House, Parramatta in the mid 1810s. It is possible that these works influenced Rouse to build a bigger house than he first intended, adding larger, longer rooms behind the front range."

The area had been brought to fame earlier in the colony's history with the "Battle Of Vinegar Hill" 

Camera's at the ready though out the day. Bel and Sue with their digital me with my trusty EOS100 and new point n shoot digital.

Above the old Rouse Hill School which was moved to be part of the exhibition.


 Perfect sunset on the way home.

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