Friday, May 18, 2012

Tasmanian Wood Surprise

I had a lovely surprise today Sue arrived home from her Spinners & Weavers group with a special gift for me from Peggy Dicker a lovely 93 yr old lady I have known for many years . I jokingly said "what a slab of Huon"? Sue not quite Peggy and her son David had rumudged through the bins down at Tamania Special Timbers in Strauhn in south west Tasmania and picked out 3 beautiful blocks of Huon Pine a block of Celery Top Pine and a bowl blank of Blackhearted Sasafras.

Peggy's husband Phill who past away a few years ago was a well known woodturner a member of Bankstown & Sydney Wood Turners he also had been a member of the OTGA.

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