Monday, May 7, 2012

New Addition to My Collection

A trip to Robertson in the Southern Higlands on Saturday for the Blacksheep Festival with good freinds Dot, hubby Ken and Ray.

Annual Wool Festival Day of the South Coast & Southern Tablelands Region of the Black & Coloured Sheep Breeder's Association of NSW Inc.
During the day there will be TOP quality natural coloured and white sheep fleeces for sale, as well as a number of Traders selling their woollen products, spinning and weaving supplies. For entertainment there will be a Fashion Parade and Speed Knitting competition. Our members are only too happy to assist anyone in the fields of sheep breeding, fleece quality, spinning and weaving etc. So please feel free to spend the day with us and enjoy the fun. Tea and coffee, etc, will be available on the day.
Admission free. Open from 10.00am to 2.30pm. For more information phone: 4684 2085.
Robertson School of Arts, Illawarra Highway, Robertson.

A beautiful day out for me got even better when Ray decided a stroll into an antique shop to browes for tools, he found some, although not quite happy with the prices. I on the other hand discovered, when Ken pointed it out, a spinning wheel. A small flax wheel nothing like I had ever seen before. The asking price a bit to high $275. Still the owner got it down off the top shelf, his wife said "make an offer" as they'd prefer it go to a good home. After a bit of discussion as to possible origin maybe European, investigation of the wheel, chit chat, banter over pricing, I walked out with a very intersting wheel at a bargain price.

It needs repair but works, the Flax distaff is broken, the flyer also and I thought that someone had drilled the holes where the hooks shoud be for the fibre to feed onto the bobbin.

Later that evening Ray did a search and found a similar style wheel.
It is a  Bavrian/Tyrolean wheel.

This wonderful video shows how it operates and the interesting use of the copper wire hook to feed the fibre onto the bobbin.

Another project for Ray to restore and me to have fun with.

Edited 2050hrs for corrections and additions.

When checking facts and spelling I located this painting.


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