Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another quick one

A cantilever sewing box saved from Sue's mum's place, has had a tiny bit of work to fix it. All the self tapper screws were dropping out and so I tightened them which made it almost impossible to open. So I sourced some Chicago screws not cheap but very effective as the barrel goes right through both the side of the box and the arm and allows the free movement.

The legs where they were mounted were useless so I removed them as Sue also wants to be able to carry it about and put it on tables without worrying about the legs. A simple scrap pine frame and mounted the legs further out. The weather has warped the frame I am hoping it settles. Sue is going to finish it not sure how yet.

I would have liked to sand the box back and refinish it but with the constant rain we are having no chance maybe later on.
The Chicago screws have many uses, scrap booking, photo albums even attaching wooden handles like on saws.
The Chicago Screws
Chicago Screws

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