Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Plane to See Swift completed

Last week I got the Oak board out and started planning the edges then the faces. Edges easy as, faces well 3 days of cranky grain 2 knots which I had to use an end/block plane on the area. I was not after a great finish just a workable clean area for marking out as this will be the spinning wheel rim sections known on wagons  as Felloe's.  My right palm became blistered in using the plane against the cranky grain and knots I couldn't do much for a few days, but it was a good work out physically. Work height was just a tad to high in doing the edges got to remember I can raise and lower this stand.

The Oak has now been cut ready for marking out joints etc and the making of the front edge of the footman as seen here.

The finished mini Swift for Peg Sue found a wooden bead to make the top safer I replaced two arms and 4 rivets put a spacer block at the base for better clearance and spin motion.

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  1. Hi
    I too am interested in ornamental turning and my wife is a metalsmith and a weaver.
    I just acquired a Nova OT unit and I am modifying it for my old Powermatic lathe.
    I like your plans for the OT cutting frame based on R. Levy. What did you do about the bearings?
    toothdoc9me at me dot com
    Charles in Ventura California


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