Monday, February 6, 2012

Wood Movement and not so Swift

The 3 tier stand thats to be made of Rosewood has been cut into rounds and allowed to sit while the weather makes its mind up what its doing. Here you can see how much movement has taken place in the bottom and centre pieces. The centre one being the worst good thing I hadn't jumped in and started turning it.

 This small job has been floating around the workshop for near on 12 months often put aside due to more pressing matters

A small Swift in need of repair for one of the Fairfield Spinner and Weaver ladies. A few broken arms which I made 2 new ones a match as best we could in colour, now just to locate some leather type rivets.

16th February Update
Thanks to a good mate Darrell Smith from the OTGA who located and mailed me some Bufrucated rivets I had tried sourcing these and could only find them in boxes of a thousand. I needed 1/2 a dozen.

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