Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update Odd Job's & Maintenance

For the last week we have had rain almost non stop putting woodwork out of limits. So I took the time to do some  much required repairs to the metal bandsaw. Since I purchased it 2nd hand  some years ago the V-belt  pulley cover has never closed properly and when moving it here damage was done to one of the retaining brackets.
This caused it to rattle and sound like a load of tin cans being dragged behind a wedding car.

Recently when cuttng the steel block the switch broke this is an auto stop when the cut is finished. The V-belt had begun to smell and had stretched no idea how old it was. The motor mounting plate had surface rust.

Over 4 days I removed the pulleys, switch, motor and cover. Wire brushed the mounting plate, Sue resprayed it for me.  Panel beat the pulley cover back into shape removed the old hinges and replaced them and attached a new mounting bracket. Rewired and replaced a the switch, cable and main lead. Motor mounting plate and motor replaced then finally the pulley cover and pulleys and new V-belt. I also took the time to remove the old gear box oil and replaced with new. What a difference I can now hear the blade cutting the steel and have a conversation. I intend to now fit a waste trough for chips a better holding system for securing material needed to be cut.

During this period for two days the weather had taken hold of the body and a touch of flu, in which case Sue had to help me often holding things, popping rivets and put up with my frustrations of slow going.

 Digital cameras are great for a quick pic of the wiring layout so its not forgotten when the time comes to replace them. Right the motor and mounting plate and new wiring.

Below left the lid now staying closed. New belt and the bracket.

Below the last side of the steel block and first cut after the overhaul its the same thickness all sides of the offcut.

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