Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bobbin repair and 3 new ones

One of the ladies from Fairfield Spinners gave Sue a damaged Spinning wheel Bobbin last week and asked if I could make 3 more. A quick scavenge of timber and I found some off cut broom handle and Australian Cedar.

I decided as they break up soon to get in and get it done as quick as possible. I have some special projects to take care of and finish others off that have been lurking to long now.

 Right the sample showing the broken rim where the band runs. I'll deal with this later repairing it.

The process  is not as easy as it seems as everything must fit, line up and be balanced, these ladies are fussy about there wheels.

Cut the shafts to length plus 10mm for the tenon. I drill one size up of shaft diam so they do not jam drilling from both ends helps true up the hole.

 Cut the ends to rough size, then I use a Forstner bit to create a Mortise of 5mm (yeh ok I work in both Metric and Imperial) drill a hole to shaft size these were 1/4". Once the holes are drilled I glue the shafts/dowel allow to dry then trim and true up and glue the other end.

To rough the whole bobbin down to size required I mount them on to my pen mandrel the saver kit I got from Gary Pye it has more than just one use. This keeps everything in balance and true.
I turned the shafts down to 3/4" - 19mm this allows max fibre on the Bobbin.

I shape each end including the grove for the belt drive and sand. Sanding these to as fine and smooth as possible so fibre doesn't catch where it shouldn't.

These have been sanded to 1000 grit using sanding sealer, I have to take a few more photos.

Weather was changing and I needed to pack up I was back in doors 20mins and down the rain came. lets hope it not a muggy night.

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