Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bobbin Repair Part 2

Carrying on from Bobbin Repair and 3 new ones as seen in the first photo of the previous post the broken Bobbin drive end was in need of a quick repair.

A clean up of the damaged area to even out the surfaces, cut an oversized piece and epoxy to it. Although it was 5min epoxy I allowed 24hrs to dry cut off much of the waste then turned the rest away. A coat of Danish Oil and further sanding required to smooth all the surfaces.

 Left the damaged area prior clean up.

Right I enlarged the surface area for a better grip of the replacement piece.

 Left the glue up, Right finished

Below the 3 new ones and repair with coat of Danish Oil. Thats about it till Wednesday till I get to test fit sand and do a finish coat.

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