Monday, November 5, 2012

Tripple Treat

First three are Bolt Action pens for a neighbour with Stringy back off his own property.

4 Sierra's various timbers.

Two tone wood is Bottle Bush from my son Peter's tree.

Bloodwood Burl from Toni's of OTGA place down at Braidwood.

Unknown wood possible old fence post or flooring joist.

 Sierra Acrylic Urban Cammo (given to Peter Crowe) as he dropped off a box of Woodworking magazines.
Have to thank Peter for the photos as I had not taken any of this one. Looks like I'll also have to buff the acrylics more camera's pick up what the naked eye doesn't see.

 Single Oak Burl Bolt ction a terrible photo not showing the true grain and colour I will attempt a better quality photo.

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