Thursday, November 1, 2012

New TV Cabinet

New addition of a TV cabinet, this was made by youngest son Peter for his year 12 project as a display cabinet (Peter is now 31). The cabinet is African Ash frame top, bottom, edge pieces and draw. With African Ash veneered MDF shelves, sides and top. African Ash although a nice white timber is not easy to work it is very chippy, splinters easy even while sanding if not carefull.

It served a purpose for years used and stored at his grandparents till he moved out and got married. That was until last year when it became necessary to remove it and either clean it up or dump it. Sue and I felt it was worthy of a clean up, someone had used a water based lacquer very badly applied. So I spent weeks sanding it back as much as possible I was lucky not to have sanded through the veneer. I enlarged  two holes for cables and created one other. Finished with Satin  Timbalac Nitrocellulose.. 

Changing things over gave us some time to clean out some things collected over the years and stored in draws of the old cabinet put out of sight out of mind.  It has also given us more floor space.

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