Monday, November 26, 2012

Cutting Dowel To Length

So how does one cut a piece of dowel (wood or metal) to length?
With something sharp hopefully, held by hand, in a vice or V-blocks and marked to length.

What if you require multiple sizes and multiple pieces say 20+ of two various lengths or even two diameters and two different  lengths.

I have such a job to do at the moment cutting 48 x 10mm dia x 22mm Long plus 24 x 10mm dia x 32mm Long. A bit of a head scratch, a Jig would come in handy of course.

This was a quick jig inspired by  Niki Avrahami gentleman woodworker who passed away some time ago. He inspired me through the many simple jigs he made and posted on many Woodies forums around the world including the "U-beauts Woodworkfourm".

He did this FREE purely out of his love for woodwork and sharing his knack and knowledge from his humble garage/workshop. I miss them Niki and the emails.

Well onto the jig.

I took a block of scrap Radiata Pine and drilled to depth - two 10mmdia holes. 
One @23mm not including the taper angle of the drill bit.
one @33mm side by side with about 10/15mm between.
Clean out the holes of savings and check depth with a depth gauge, measurement is at the side not the centre, as this would be the depth of the point of the drill. The squared off ends of the dowel would not reach there.

I then drilled a relief hole right through approx 5mm dia. This also allows to use a fine object to push the dowels which have been cut out.

The jig is held in a vice ( and in my case also clamped to the mobile work trestle), insert the two dowel pieces and hold firmly to the bottom of the hole. I had Sue's assistance in doing that and cut to length flush off the face of the block. Use a smaller dowel or similar to push the cut dowel out.

I/we Sue and I cut 6 in a matter of minutes, we had to stop and pack up due to a thunderstorm which brought cooling rain, its no fun getting wet or sitting in a metal wheelchair when lightening is about.

Photos of the process tomorrow.

Here's the plan.
Photos of it in use

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