Saturday, November 10, 2012

Interesting Fellow

I feel like kicking myself. I have neglected to list a bloke I have come to know off the Woodwork Forum in my Friends List on the right. Not just that but recently I did this post (Blogs I Follow).

Mark  (known as Old Biker) he's is a very interesting fellow has many interests, hobbies and talented, he's a lover of Old Motorbikes so in my book he's ok.

His talent at making tools

Mark recently moved but here's a link to his old workshop, make sure you visit his other links all worth while.

Mark is also into metal machining awesome work. He became interested in Ornamental Turning and its through this that we became known to each other.

Edited 23rd March 2013 Mark had informed me of changes to his site links so original links were removed and just main link to new website.

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