Sunday, November 25, 2012

Husbands Gift part 2 Completed.

Back in August I started this little surprise gift from Daniel to his wife Gabrielle. I have had to curtail any posting on the work as it was to be a total surprise and as Gabrielle is a follower of blogs and Facebook of sorts it became top secret.

  The 10" (255mm) and 14" (355mm) tenons formed using the Cole Jaws.Finding the hidden gems of colour in the Huon Pine gave way to an deepening love for natures gifts. Some woodworkers and customers see these as flaws and unattractive to me they can make a piece stand out from all the rest.

Huon Pine is like butter or cheese which has been put through a grater to turn, it has a scent which can not be explained.

 Next they are mounted in the chuck and the face edges and centre mound and hole drilled.
Daniel had butt joined three pieces together to form the 18" (460mm) platter to this I glued a block then mounted in the chuck and formed the mortise. Again some hidden gems of grain came to light, some fill was required. I used epoxy and coffee grounds mix. The two photos below are of the underside and mortise. I leave a large centre base area slightly raised so it gives a stable platform.

Then reverse mount in the chuck to face the top. The Nova's ability to swivel the headstock 90deg's as max swing is 16" over the bed and having the outrigger attachment is a bonus although a free standing tool rest can also be used.

Next the columns with a simple V twist, hand cut into them using a Microplane. Many thanks goes to John Robinson (Munruben off the Woodworkforum) for picking this size in particular up while he was in the UK a few years back. These and a few other sizes are no longer available.

The blocks 2x70x70x150 a Tenon formed to fit into flanges

 A base made for the 10" and 14" to sit on when used on their own to raise them off the surface. As well a few flanges are required for the columns.

In making one of the flanges I had a small disaster. I am glad as somehow I had missed this gem in choosing which ones to use.

A dry fit to check proportion, balance and appeal, still no hardware fitted as yet.

The finials. At last after much toying with ideas, these two pieces of Huon were very bland I decided on a Lewis Carrol story book theme and the Queens there in.
Laminating NSW Rosewood and the Huon to form a vertical and round pattern.

Having turned them round and drilled and fitted the 6mm threaded bolt I mounted them in the Gary Pye Collet Chuck, this is ideal as it doesn't damage the thread yet holds well and steady even without a tailstock and live centre assisting. Although a steady would come in handy (must get round to making one or two soon).

Photos of the vertical pattern after rough turning. Then below and right after shaping.

Left the round lamination pattern, beads formed where the Rosewood is to highlight.

A coat of Danish Oil and a dry fit.

These are photos taken after spraying with Timbalac. The bright sunlight just was to much to show the finish.

Left the 3 Tier stand.

Right as a 2 tier using the medium platter on the base and small platter.

 Left the large base and medium platter with a finial.

Right the large and medium platters with finials as single platters.
 The three platters above all these photos were taken indoors and show the Timberlac finish.

 Above the columns, finials and flange which show the threaded insert and mounting.

Sue and I wish Gabrielle a Happy Birthday and hope she finds many a use for her present from  a loving hubby.


  1. well done Ray! I have a large chunk of Huon pine and have yet to figure out what I 'm going to do with it. hughie

  2. Thank's Hughie. You can drop it off here any time. I won't promise you'll get the Huon back though.



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